Relationship Counselling

Although feeling connected to someone you love can be the most wonderful experience in the world, maintaining a loving and enduring relationship can be quite a challenge in our action filled, multi-tasking lives.

Relationship counselling helps you to understand and improve challenging and difficult relational mechanisms. It will give you tools to soothe painful emotions and overcome old patterns and can help you to create rewarding relationships and a life full of love and joy.

The full depth of our journey together becomes clear only when we come to recognise and acknowledge the inner being of ourselves and each other. When we understand the fears, apprehensions and disappointments of our partner it becomes much easier to find empathy and deep respect for each other, so that growing together can turn into a rewarding spiritual path.

Love needs to be experienced, given and received in the everyday reality of a relationship as well as in the intimate moments of sexual communion. Physical and emotional intimacy requires openness, understanding and empathy. Through learning how to shed our apprehensions of deep intimacy, we are able to experience love touching our whole being in ordinary everyday moments as well as in times of passionate physical communion.