Individual Counselling

Our biggest opportunities for learning, healing and development occur in times of crisis and challenge. In the midst of such a crisis it isn’t easy to find a way out. With the support of a therapist we can gain insight and put our lives back in order.

A skilled professional can help us to explore the causes of a crisis, and to develop the skills to soothe our pain and strengthen our willpower to find clarity for the next steps in our journey. My approach focuses on supporting you to strengthen your inner self, and to develop your inherent personality and acquire skills to master the challenges of life.

The key aspect of the therapeutic work together is to draw out and understand individual behavioral and relational patterns. Awareness of this brings with it the possibility of change, transformation and eventually integration. For these processes to unfold successfully, it is paramount to include the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of being.

Professional Supervision

I provide supervision for counsellors, trainees and other health professionals. Together we can reflect on your practice to enhance and fine tune your professional performance.

In my supervision practice I use an integrative approach from different modalities: Imago Relationship Therapy, Psychosynthesis Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy Modules, Client Centred Therapy, Mind-Body Therapy Modules.

Professional Mediation

Mediation in the workplace can be a powerful process between colleagues, employers and employees. Facilitation by an impartial mediator will assist the parties to communicate openly and reach an agreement in the end.

The Imago Dialogue provides the perfect framework for open and honest communication between the people involved, helping to find a mutually acceptable resolution.