Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is addressing the many issues couples are facing today and shows us how to dissolve the barriers, enabling us to open our hearts to love.

The tool that supports this process is the Imago dialogue, a way of communicating that facilitates conscious listening and straight-forward relating, thus deepening understanding and acceptance for each other. This powerful technique creates greater connection and intimacy and can inspire huge transformations in both partners as well as in the relationship itself.

Imago theory postulates that we are attracted to the perfect ‘Imago match’, a person who possesses some key traits that our caregivers also had. In the dyad of the perfect ‘Imago match’ lies the greatest opportunity for healing and growth.

The full depth of our journey together becomes clear when we come to recognize and acknowledge the inner being of ourselves and each other. When we understand the fears, disappointments and apprehensions of our partner it becomes much easier to find empathy and appreciation for each other, so that growing together can turn into a rewarding spiritual journey.

Physical and emotional intimacy requires openness and respect. Through learning how to shed our guards, we become able to experience love in ordinary moments as well as in passionate communion.

Imago Relationship Therapy supports you to:

  • break those patterns that keep you from moving forward

  • create and maintain emotional and physical intimacy

  • work through situations of conflict and disagreement

  • learn advanced techniques for successful and intelligent communication

  • develop greater empathy for your partner

  • strengthen your sense of self and boundaries within the relationship

  • establish a powerful conscious connection with your partner

What is Dialogue

In this video Harville Hendrix discusses the Imago Dialogue Process.