Brigitte Lorenz - Relationship Counselling

After many years of experience in the field of counselling, I appreciate the importance of some key ingredients in a successful therapeutic process.

A fundamental need for every client is to be met as a fellow human being who is also travelling on the journey of life. Every client who wishes to learn new ways to face the challenges that life throws at us, needs above all else to feel safe, heard and valued.

I am committed to creating just such a safe and supportive environment in which positive transformation, growth and change can happen.

I have been working with individuals, couples, groups and organisations providing couples therapy, personal counselling and group facilitation for over 25 years.

My private practice is in Auckland, in Titirangi and Ponsonby.

Relationship Counselling

Although feeling connected to someone you love can be the most wonderful experience in the world, maintaining a loving and enduring relationship can be quite a challenge in our action filled, multi-tasking lives.

Relationship counselling helps you to understand and improve challenging and difficult relational mechanisms. It will give you tools to soothe painful emotions and overcome old patterns and can help you to create more connection and a loving and lasting relationship.

Relationship Counselling is for

  • couples who are experiencing relationship challenges and want to rekindle the spark between them.

  • people who go through separation, helping them to find an amicable closure and completion.

  • single men and women who want to prepare for a loving relationship.

  • people who want support for their relationships with colleagues, family members and friends.

Imago Relationship Therapy

The founder of Imago Relationship Therapy is Harville Hendrix, author of the bestselling book 'Getting the Love You Want'. The Imago workshops, books and therapy are now available in over thirty countries. In New Zealand you will find Imago therapists in almost all the larger cities.

Imago offers a great therapeutic model to support the journey from disconnection and conflict to a renewed sense of safety, trust and delight in each other. read more

Relationships with friends and family members

We always take ourselves, along with our own blessings, skills and shortcomings, into all the relationships in our lives. These may be with our most intimate partners or in relationships with friends,family members or work collegues.

In those sitiations the Imago Dialogue can be a tremendous tool to resolve conflict, heal hurt feelings and restore trust in our human potential.